Sutton & Sons

11005275_1542359566034154_2068326628_nNot only did the arrival of Box Park provide the perfect landmark meeting place for mates everywhere, it was designed to be a place where restaurants and brands can just pop up on a whim – and so they do, which means nearly every time you go there’s something new to discover. Continue reading


Meat Stop

10831959_395546003942647_1116832008_n (1)For quite some time, Brentwood high street has been lacking – not in bars, pubs or charity shops, but something far more important. It’s been lacking in good food. I’m not dismissing Dominoes, and their hotdog crust pizza… or one of the many Italian restaurants that sit just a few doors along from each other, but for such a thriving town that nowadays attracts people from all over the country, Brentwood really does lack in an on-trend, quality restaurant that serves food of the moment exactly how we want it. Or at least, it did. Continue reading

Jones & Sons at Trip Space Projects

9ab796230fbd2d362e53225c8274ef19Some might say that central London is becoming all too predictable, full of restaurants you can’t book or wouldn’t want to book. We’ve become so obsessed with only eating in ‘cool’ restaurants that we’ve sort of forgotten why we’re eating out in the first place. As long as the food, service and wine is good and the location is convenient who cares if it is yet to be featured in Stylist magazine? I don’t. The majority of restaurants seem to pop up only to rival their competitors with even more obscure menus and difficult to get into venues. I don’t want to have to clamber through a fridge or feel my way through a dark hole to get to my table, which is probably why I found myself on the Overground to Haggerston last Thursday night for a normal, good old fashioned meal.  Continue reading

Jones & Sons launch restaurant at Trip Space Projects

927441_536382213128205_22796767_nIf you’re familiar with Jones & Sons and its laid back, tasty approach to dining in the upcoming area of Dalston, then you’ll hardly be surprised to hear that its next venture is taking place somewhere equally as cool. Trip Space Projects recently announced that the classic British restaurant and cocktail bar will be opening a second restaurant within Trip Kitchen & Bar, situated within the converted railway arches off Regents Canal in Haggerston.  Continue reading

Royal China launch Asian Bubble Pearl drinks

Bubble Tea at Roya China 2If you’re a Shoreditch regular you’ll no doubt have stumbled across ‘bubble pearl’ drinks by now. They’re those peculiar drinks you see with curious balls hovering near the bottom that people drink through rather large straws. Of course, in reality they’re far fancier than I’ve just made out – and they’re packed full of fantastic flavour. Bubble-drink fever has quite literally burst into London straight from Hong Kong, so where better to pop your bubble cherry (if you haven’t already) hat at one of the authentic Royal China restaurants? Continue reading

It’s all about cake pops at Foxcroft & Ginger

Foxcroft & Ginger Beetroot & Chocolate Cake Pops 2Forget about cupcakes, they are now a thing of the past, thanks to the revolutionary ‘cake pop’. Combining two childhood faves – lollipops and cakes – cake pops are a great treat for those who want to satisfy their sweet tooth without the calories of a rather large size of cake! Not one to ignore a current trend, Foxcroft & Ginger has created an exciting concoction of Divine Chocolate & Fresh Beetroot Cake Pops.  Continue reading

Chocolate week at The Hotel Cafe Royal

IMG_0659The Café at Hotel Café Royal boasts a magnificent window of macarons and lavish sweet treats on any given day, drawing in tourists aplenty due to its perfect Piccadilly location. I was one of the lucky few to join in the Chocolate Week celebrations on Tuesday night when The Café closed its doors to the public, letting those inside in on the unveiling of some new chocolate delights. Continue reading

LANIQUE – It’s what you should be drinking in 2015

Lanique (1)Forget 2014, I’m already thinking about what I should be doing, eating and drinking in the New Year – it’s not really that far away now, is it? It’s quite obvious that for the time being we’re all a little over mixologists getting nuts behind the bar and creating weird (albeit wonderful) drinks with bacon shards and flecks of gold, and that we’re becoming increasingly satisfied with a good old classic instead, which is why I think Lanique, a rose Liqueur Spirit revived from a historic 200 year old recipe, is going to prove extremely popular in 2015. Continue reading